As an enrolled member of the Center Smart Commercial Building on RWTH Aachen Campus, you will be among the pioneers in the property trend for smart buildings.

You will utilize the innovative, state-of-the-art research infrastructure, demonstrate your solutions in the Innovation Labs, and benefit from increased visibility based on the high visitor numbers at the Smart Logistics Cluster. You will have access to use and showcases for your own events, and have the opportunity to rent space for your business needs on campus.

A dedicated contact person from the Center Smart Commercial Building will offer comprehensive support. You will furthermore have exclusive access to the member network on RWTH Aachen Campus.

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As members, companies have exclusive access to the Center Smart Commercial Building, the interdisciplinary team of RWTH Aachen University academics and to the RWTH Aachen Campus network. This combination fosters the discovery of cross-application synergies and the creation of new business relationships. A variety of options for mutual knowledge exchange and collaboration are provided. The membership in the Center Smart Commercial Building increases visibility of the businesses at RWTH Aachen, which supports the businesses in recruiting skilled staff and managers.

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Research & Development

The Center Smart Commercial Building researches and develops various digital complete systems for buildings under the Smart City umbrella.

The Center supports enrolled businesses in the development and implementation of newly generated business models and in their participation in the business area “Smart Commercial Building”. New, application-oriented solutions are developed in projects and studies, which are customized to the situation of the individual company. The members also contribute actively to the annual center study.

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The Center is a think tank for a variety of protagonists from the software and hardware industry and represents a platform for the joint development of new products and services for the topic of building digitalization on the basis of established business know-how, startup mentality and academic research. Enrolled center members receive exclusive access to the member network, which offers an excellent basis for cooperations and the development of joint innovative project ideas and their implementation. The members of the Center Smart Commercial Building meet up twice a year for knowledge exchanges amongst each other and members of other centers in the Smart Logistics Cluster.

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Further Education

Breathtaking advances in the area of digitalization require innovative qualification and further education offerings in addition to the generic selection at universities and further education academies.

The Center is currently working on developing a further education offering in partnership with other experts, which will prepare property, asset and facility managers for the operation of tomorrow’s digital buildings. The education offerings and concepts will continue to grow over time and an academy focusing on the topic of digital building facilities is under development.

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One central element of the Center Smart Commercial Buildings is the development and operation of scalable demonstrators as temporary or permanent test environments for individual buildings. Facility developers and operators have the opportunity to utilize demonstrators in the Demonstration Factory of the Smart Logistics Cluster to test and study the interoperability of individual field devices.

Members furthermore benefit from the interdisciplinary team in the center, which bundles the various competences: Cooperations here include the RWTH chairs of Informatics, Property & Project Development, FIR at RWTH Aachen and Drees & Sommer. The result is a broad spectrum of consulting and engineering service offerings.

One service provision project of the Center Smart Commercial Building has already been implemented as a scalable demonstrator for the flagship project Cube Berlin, commissioned by CA Immo. It comprises:

  • Certification of SCB components/interoperability tests
  • Development platform (Living Lab) for smart buildings
  • Showcases for state-of-the-art solutions
  • Development and operation of customer-specific test & demonstration environments
Cube-Demonstrator Offer


Consortial study: Digital Customer-Centric Building

In the future, the value of a Smart Building will be defined by the degree of digitization and the digital services specific to the building. User requirements for buildings, however, vary greatly depending on industry and role profile. Industry-specific needs must be identified to ensure the ability to offer facilities that add benefits for the respective sector.

The user requirements for Smart Buildings can be very specific and must be identified for each industry sector. To that end, the consortium will begin with identifying the industry sectors the study will focus on. An analysis of the industry-specific requirements and the needs of relevant role profiles will follow, where relevant customer journeys will be generated. Based on these customer journeys, a series of user surveys will be conducted in the associated industry sectors, followed by a reconciliation of the findings with actual user requirements. Once the user surveys have been conducted and their results analyzed, industry-specific services will be identified in a subsequent step, which will help users to satisfy requirements conveniently and cost-effectively. An analysis of the type and quality of data needed for the implementation of the various services will be next. And finally, an assessment of the kind of connectivity prerequisites required for optimal service provision based on that data will conclude the study.

Would you like to know, which industry sectors will benefit most from what types of building services? Take part in our year-long consortial study “Digital Customer-Centric Building” and learn alongside us and other experts. We will be focusing on exactly these issues!

Your contact person

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Alexandra Köther, M.Eng.

Center Smart Commercial Building
Campus-Boulevard 55
52074 Aachen

Further Education: RWTH-Certificate Course Digital Real Estate Manager

Increasing digitization continues to introduce changes to the operative requirements faced by project developers, real estate portfolio holders and corporate stakeholders. The data and other information gleaned from building operations are increasingly becoming success factors and form the basis for the asset and corporate real estate management of the future. On operational level, this development will demand entirely new skill sets for real estate management. The successful handling of the ongoing digitization process is set to becoming a key qualification.

In the future, the development and management of portfolios and individual assets, a profound understanding of business potential, the development of new business models and the assessment of investment opportunities will be on a par in importance with knowledge regarding digital twin concepts and data analytics in real estate management. Basic principles of cyber security, data management, the Building IoT and the Managed Services IoT, as well as statutory requirements will be prerequisite to professional success.

We offer a 6-day training course, in which we will convey the skills needed in the future of digital real estate management. The program includes theoretical content, as well as practice-oriented case study work moderated by high-caliber presenters from industry and academia. The course will give you a comprehensive understanding of the required basics and a broad spectrum of applicable practical knowledge to equip you with the qualifications you will need for your future tasks. The course is certified by RWTH Aachen International Academy and culminates in an RWTH Aachen Academy certificate.


RWTH-Certificate Course Digital Real Estate Manager 1/2020

Module 1: 28.-29.09.2020

Module 2: 22.-23.10.2020

Module 3: 2.-4.11.2020 (incl. Exam Day)

RWTH-Certificate Course Digital Real Estate Manager 2/2020

Module 1: 12.-13.11.2020

Module 2: 1.-2.12.2020

Module 3: 16.-18.12.2020 (incl. Exam Day)

RWTH-Certificate Course Digital Real Estate Manager 1/2021

Module 1: 16.-17.02.2021

Module 2: 16.-17.03.2021

Module 3: 13.-15.04.2021 (incl. Exam Day)


Participation Fee

7.000 EUR (plus VAT)

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Thumbnail_Alexandra_Köther-200x295 Offer
Alexandra Köther, M.Eng.

Center Smart Commercial Building
Campus-Boulevard 55
52074 Aachen