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The operation, evaluation and administration of office properties are changing due to DIGITALISATION. The VALUE OF THE REAL ESTATE is now determined by the technology installed, the level of connectivity and the use of data in the building. 

Together with our partners, we form a unique innovation network around the topic of intelligent office real estate. We offer a matchless platform for project developers, investors, component manufacturers, software and service providers as well as research institutions. 

The accumulated expertise is bundled and the cooperation between the participating industry, software and research partners is coordinated. 

Our network forms the market and thus we develop integrated solutions. 




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We develop the future
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Together with our 24 PARTNERS from the real estate industry, we form a high-profile, unique community.
We create, exchange our know-how and thus drive the real estate industry forward so that individual and smart solutions are born.

The advantages at a glance: 

  • Exchange of experience and know-how 
  • Integration into a unique innovation network 
  • Involvement in regular community events 
  • Commercial placement at our trade events 
  • Product innovations through our Smart Building Platform 
  • Data usage from our real time building operation 
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“Our goal of developing an economically and ecologically sensible concept for the future of a metropolitan region networked by digitization can only be understood as a joint task for a wide range of stakeholders.”
– Dr. Gerhard Gudergan, Center Manager & CEO of Metropolitan Cities MC GmbH

How do we implement this
with our partners?

Our clients about us…

“The Center Smart Commercial Building has helped us implement part of our New Work strategy.  It allowed us to identify and prioritize our employees’ expectations for flexible workspace booking and take them into account when selecting a solution. We prototyped the result and tested it over 6 weeks. The insights gained from this will further improve the solution and optimally prepare us for a roll-out of flexible workstation booking.”

– Dr. Andrea Weber, Director Science Consultation Innovation, Dr. Babor GmbH und Co. KG
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“The Center Smart Commercial Building helped us to systematically survey the needs of the team and the associated requirements for a booking tool for our site. This has resulted in a comprehensive catalog of requirements. Based on this, we are able to develop a targeted booking solution that simplifies our daily processes, links to our IT infrastructure and subsequently enables efficient use of our resources.”

– Dr. Andrea Weber, Director Science Consultation Innovation, Dr. Babor GmbH und Co. KG


Current News

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6. September 2023

Smart Building Solutions Conference 2023

28 & 29 November 2023 in Aachen: The future of the stock Natural disasters, species extinction & water scarcity due to global warming – we must act now! The real estate industry plays a decisive role here, because 40% of…


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