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The Smart Building Platform as a scalable demonstrator of the Smart Commercial Building Center enables the evaluation of smart building solutions in a building-specific test environment. Building developers and operators can thus prove or test the interoperability of individual field devices. The goal is to map, test and further develop the integration of hardware and software of modern building technology in a digital platform. All IoT components of a modern commercially used building are set up and linked / interconnected on a small scale, identical to a modern real building project. The number of digital components can be scaled up according to the real use. 

New IoT components of the trades are not evaluated individually but are interconnected across all trades and an interoperability is established. This interconnection of IoT components from different trades makes a modern building intelligent and enables revolutionary and innovative use cases.  

The smart building platform ensures in a live operation the intended function of new building technology. In addition, this test field offers the opportunity of quickly and cost-effectively identifying and solving problems that can arise despite the standardization of interfaces and protocols. This prevents exorbitant costs due to malfunctions during the overall commissioning of not sufficiently tested technology (e.g. BER Airport). A similar demonstrator has already been operated in the smart logistics cluster on the RWTH Aachen Campus until Winter 2019 for the Cube Berlin, the “most modern office building in Europe”. 

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Your contact person

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Boris Voth

Building Automation Integration Specialist

Smart Parking & Charging

85% of all charging takes place at private locations. These include private homes, underground garages and company parking lots. The increasing environmental awareness of companies and their employees as well as government subsidies for electromobility are increasing the pressure to expand the charging infrastructure. Integrated, cross-company solutions have currently only been developed in exceptional cases. Therefore, we have set up an innovative charging infrastructure at the RWTH Aachen Campus to conduct live tests and contribute to the mobility turnaround.

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Ihr Ansprechpartner

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Boris Voth

Building Automation Integration Specialist

Digital Experience Factory (DFA)

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The digital experience factory Aachen (DFA) is the central manufacturing environment on the RWTH Aachen Campus and deeply rooted in the Aachen region. It is the competent contact partner for the development and production of prototypes through to the creation of products in small series in the field of metal forming. DFA produces assemblies and individual components for numerous customers, implements innovative projects together with customers for various industries and is a reliable partner, even for small companies.  

It serves the enrollees of the smart logistics cluster as a living lab and enables the testing and implementation of innovative use cases in the field of production and building management of manufacturing companies.  

The Innovation-Labs in the Smart logistics cluster 

Members of Center Smart Commercial Building gain access to the smart logistics cluster infrastructure. 
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With the motto “Invent the Future of Services” the FIR and the centers in the smart logistics cluster are developing innovative services together with partners from the industry in the service science innovation lab. The process from the service idea to the market-ready service is supported and accelerated by innovative methods and tools by making the resulting services tangible and experienceable through various media. 


The activities in the smart systems innovation lab are aimed to research, optimize, and further develop the provision of information through smart systems. In addition to the technical examination of smart systems, the focus is on the application context. Smart systems can support the implementation of new, cyber approaches in production and logistics and enable the development of new integrated services.  


In the ERP Innovation Lab, research is conducted into how different ERP systems and different forms of organization can be interconnected and which technologies and standards are required to achieve an optimal exchange of information.  

Event- und seminar rooms

As a smart commercial building center, you can book event and conference rooms in the smart logistics cluster.  
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Congress Center

All types of event areas are consolidated in the Congress center. On one hand, you can use the conference and meeting rooms for your events, on the other hand the large atrium of the cluster enables you to hold in-house exhibitions with up to 30 stands. 

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Partner Offices

In order to facilitate intensive and log-term on-site cooperation, retable partner offices are available for you. Right next to the innovation labs and the event spaces, we offer you open, bright areas with modern equipment. 

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