9. January 2023

The young company is specialized in the digitalization of access processes. The strength of essentry lies in the verification of identities on border control level. By using biometric technology and artificial intelligence, essentry realizes the highest level of security for facilities, employees and guests. Users of the building here at the campus of RWTH Aachen University, can look forward to a digitalized, user-friendly and above all secure access management system in the future. Stay tuned!

More about essentry can be found here: https://essentry.com/

Welcome to the CSCB community – we are excited to drive innovations in the smart building world together with essentry!

essentry has its origins in the demanding data center industry and is characterized by the high security requirements prevailing there. Therefore, they provide this and other sectors with the highest level of access security, taking into account strict requirements for data protection, data security and compliance standards. Their many years of experience in integrating software and hardware into existing building management systems serve as the basis for a flexible and customizable design of their solutions.