Projects 2024 with our partner network

Every year, the Center Smart Commercial Building implements several projects together with the partner network, which are selected from a pool of project ideas based on member voting. These projects address current issues and market trends relating to smart buildings with the aim of developing innovative answers and solutions. This results in innovation and integration projects on precisely the topics that our partners need and are interested in.
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Projects 2024

Smart Building Data Lake – Who needs which data in a property?

The “Smart Building Data Lake” project aims to make effective use of the growing volume of data in the planning and operation of smart buildings. The project identifies relevant stakeholders along the real estate life cycle and their specific requirements for data and information. The approach includes analyzing data sources and testing the cooperative use of data using a central data platform. Stakeholders such as building owners, facility managers, tenants, property managers and regulatory authorities require different data depending on their role and tasks, which will be identified and brought together as part of the project.
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Reduction of energy costs through people counting

The project aims to investigate where and to what extent energy costs can be reduced through the use of people counting solutions. The starting point is the precise recording of the number of people in a room. Based on this, it will be investigated how this data can improve the control of the indoor climate and which restrictions need to be taken into account. The procedure includes the installation of people counters, the connection and integration into existing systems and the evaluation of the resulting findings.
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Analysis of potential energy savings and cost estimates of the Smart Readiness Indicator according to the recommendations in the SRI position paper

The project aims to analyze the Smart Readiness Indicator (SRI) in accordance with the recommendations in the Center’s SRI position paper from 2023. The identified suggestions for improvement will be used together with the technical data basis for further action. The aim is to explicitly consider the proposed improvement measures in order to achieve a direct comparison of energy efficiency and costs. The approach includes analyzing feasibility, estimating energy efficiency potential, designing a tool and implementing a prototype.
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Implementation of use cases and maintenance of AGV

The aim of the project is to further stabilize the configured AGV and to identify, implement and maintain concrete use cases for the use of Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) in the hall infrastructure. The aim is also to increase efficiency, flexibility and safety in production environments. It includes the identification and prioritization of use cases as well as the implementation of a selected use case.
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Smart Building GPT – Discovering the future of digital buildings with AI

The “Smart Building GPT” project aims to develop a smart building bot. This should make relevant knowledge quickly accessible. The system is initially based on the data and documents available in the center. The approach includes collecting and structuring relevant sources, adapting a Large Language Model (LLM) and publishing the bot on a website.
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IoT meets KNX – construction and expansion of a test stand

The “IoT meets KNX” project extends an existing test bed by integrating IoT technologies into the KNX system and incorporating KNX into the existing ecosystem to enable advanced control capabilities. It introduces KNX Secure to secure data transmission through encryption and authentication. The approach includes the careful selection of compatible IoT and KNX components, their implementation, integration into the KNX system and comprehensive security testing. The aim is to extend the functionality of the KNX system with IoT and ensure a robust, secure system architecture.
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