6. July 2023

Yesterday, our digital theme day “Smart City Infrastructure – but how?” took place!

Three exciting presentations dealt with topics such as sector coupling, sustainable neighborhood development, LoRaWAN and “e2watch”.

Tilo Zacher‘s (regio iT gesellschaft für informationstechnologie mbh) presentation dealt with the basics of LoRaWAN and its network coverage in Aachen. Various application examples for LoRaWAN were discussed, including parking sensors at charging infrastructures as well as metering and network infrastructure. The use of e2watch for energy management was also discussed. It was explained why e2watch is a valuable solution for municipalities, cities and towns and why e2watch is also important for municipal utilities, energy supply companies (EVU) or grid operators.

In his presentation, Benjamin Arnold (PHOENIX CONTACT Deutschland GmbH) presented PHOENIX CONTACT‘s All Electric Society Park with reference to sector coupling. The presentation provided an overview of sector coupling as a central aspect in the park and emphasized its importance for a sustainable energy supply and efficient use of renewable energies. Real applications for sector coupling can be experienced in the park from September 1, 2023.

The presentation by Steffen Mönch (EnBW) focused on the development of sustainable quarters and how it works. The challenges in the development of quarters under current requirements were explained and approaches to solutions were presented. Furthermore, references and application examples for sustainable quarters were given to illustrate the practical implementation.

Many thanks to all participants and to our great speakers!

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