10. August 2023


Thesis Paper


The real estate industry is facing a huge challenge: the rapid and seemingly unstoppable rise in operating costs. Rising energy and material costs, as well as increasing user demands for comfort and flexibility in buildings, have driven up operating costs. But how can companies counteract this price increase while creating sustainable solutions for the future?

On March 16, 2023, a high-profile theme day on “Putting the Brakes on the Operating Cost Explosion” was held at the RWTH Aachen University campus. Experts from the industry, including representatives from RGM Facility Management GmbH, FH Münster, Bauakademie Berlin, aedifion GmbH, gefma e.V., Landmarken AG and PHOENIX CONTACT Deutschland GmbH, discussed the background to the rise in costs and possible solutions together with other participants.

The results of these discussions were summarized in a comprehensive thesis paper. This thesis paper sheds light on the challenges facing the real estate industry and offers concrete options for action as well as possible solutions to curb the explosive rise in operating costs.

Author: Alexandra Köther
Co-Authors: Marc Baranski | Annelie Casper | Sipho Fuhr | Dirk Otto | Christian ProfanterFrank Schröder | Niklas Wiesweg

The discussions and results show that there are many ways to reduce operating costs while creating sustainable solutions for the future. Through digitalization, innovative technologies and process-oriented thinking, companies can make an important contribution to tackling the challenges in the real estate industry.