9. January 2023

The first CSCB Community Excursion…

…went to Hamburg!

Moin Moin ⚓️
At the end of September we were with a part of our community at the Factory Hammerbrooklyn in Hamburg!
After we received exciting insights and background information, about sustainability and objectives of the property by Martin Wolfrat, we explored the Digital Pavilion with interesting insights from the Head of Hamburg of Art-Invest Real Estate.
During the extensive lunch break, we took the chance to discover the Smart Building from the outside. After regional delicacies, Tim Philip Schroeder, MRICS, offered us insights into the digitalization concept.

The main part of a building, and especially a smart building, are the users. Sarah Just from Factory Hammerbrooklyn gave us an understanding of the added value for them.
On top of that, Prof. Phillip W. Goltermann gave us insights into the Smart City Demonstrator from Drees & Sommer, which can be used to illustrate how digitization is a driver to transform a city into a smart city.

To sum up: we had an inspiring day in Hammerbrooklyn and thank Dr. Pau-y Chow, Sebastian Lurg, Hannes Daus, Oliver Kowalski, Heiko Krüger, Christoph Meyer & Thomas Steil for being on board!