31. October 2023
Entering a building and having the feeling that it knows exactly what you need for a comfortable stay – as if it could anticipate your needs. Does that sound like pure science fiction? The Seamless Building Experience consortium study proves that this vision can become a reality today. On the occasion of this topic, our theme day of the same name took place on October 26. Here we had the pleasure to welcome three of our consortium partners: ATC – American Tower Germany – Thomas Steven | IEE Sensing – Kai Pabelick | Pinestack – Dr. Wilfried Hauck

Our Center Manager, Dr. Denis Krechting, presented the challenges associated with the use of commercial real estate, the added values of a Seamless Building Experience and the importance of a partner ecosystem for its implementation. Our Head of Technology Development, Jan Häusler, spoke about the challenges of developing the technical architecture that enables a seamless building experience for the user. There was also a demonstration on our Smart Building Platform here.

Dr. Wilfried Hauck and Thomas Steven presented the solutions of Pinestack and ATC – American Tower Germany on the topic of Seamless Building Experience.

In a world where complexity is ever-increasing, we recognize the importance of a seamless in-building experience to reduce stress, paper and uncertainty! The three most important insights from our theme day:

Guest invitations are becoming essential:
In our Seamless Building Experience study, we found that guest invitations are a critical component. A building should intuitively recognize what occupants need to make their stay enjoyable. It’s as if the building can anticipate the needs of its occupants.

Building apps like Pinestack facilitate hybrid working:
Technology from companies like Pinestack enables hybrid working by providing essential functions for employees. This is critical as the way we work continues to change.

Private 5G is becoming a must-have:
With support for Private 5G, as available in Apple’s iOS17, a seamless building experience in connectivity becomes possible. Companies like ATC – American Tower Germany are investing in infrastructure to minimize risk for project developers and ensure best-in-class connectivity.

Our event yesterday was a great success, welcoming our consortium partners and external guests. Together, we continue to work together to make the vision of a seamless building experience a reality. Thank you to all speakers and participants!‍

Our consortium partners:
ATC – American Tower Germany | Drees & Sommer | IEE Sensing | PHOENIX CONTACT Deutschland GmbHPinestack | Schindler DeutschlandZumtobel Lighting

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